Hi Folks! Welcome to my first homepage!

I´d like to thank some people givin´ me hints, advice, help and tips, without whom I could never have created such a perfect... ;-) First there´s Bernd Hermanns who made it all possible in the first
place. Then
Jeroen Wehmeijer, who brought me in first touch with HTML-Programming. FurthermoreTim Klötzing, who gave me the most potent hints in what to do and what not to do... though I think he won´t ever be satisfied with my page. Next, Daniela Haag, who had to go through a lot of pain and suffering and, worst of all, sex-less nights, in which I didnīt have anything better to do than sitting in front of my computer till way after sunrise.

And also I´d like to thank

  • Christian Ghisler´s WinCommander
  • Stefan Müntz´ SelfHtml
  • Ulli Meybohm´s HTML-Editor Phase 5
  • the Spotlight-Forum
  • JGsoft´s EditPad

  • After all I have to say, that I HATE MS-INTERNET-EXPLORER, though I have to admit, it is the better browser!